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Today Profit is a crypto trading robot that claims to generate very high financial gains, with an alleged win ratio around 90%. However, many novice and seasoned investors are questioning the reliability of this automated software. Is Today Profit reliable or a scam?

In this Today Profit review, we’ll take a look at this AI trading application to see if it’s worth it or not. At the end of the reading, you will decide if this software is trustworthy.

How reliable is Today Profit?

Is Today Profit reliable? The legitimacy of Today Profit is currently being debated on the internet. The automated trading software claims to guarantee a 90% success rate, with supposedly huge windfall profits from each trading session.

In our test of Today Profit software, we were unable to prove these claimed gains. And we found mixed opinions on the web. On the one hand, some forums and websites claim that this trading robot is a scam, corroborating that its advertising claims are false.

On the other hand, we have found that this software is indeed functional. Moreover, it is partnered with brokers regulated by financial jurisdictions such as UFX and Europe FX. It also offers a highly professional customer support that helps to solve any problems its users may have.

It is clear that traders can speculate on this active software, but they should always remember that trading has associated risks.

What is Today Profit?

What is Today Profit?
Today Profit is a newly launched automated trading system that specialises in cryptocurrency trading. It is available in over 150 countries and claims to guarantee the financial freedom that every investor desires.

Today Profit claims a place among the best trading software such as Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Era. It is ideal for anyone who has not made trading their main activity. The Bitcoin and crypto-asset trading platform eliminates the need for human intervention, with a deposit of €250.

Today Profit: how does it work?
During our analysis, we looked at the functionality of Today Profit. It’s clear that this robotic trading platform is easy to use and customers don’t need any specific knowledge of the industry to use it.

Like other trading robots such as Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Trader, Today Profit uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to track market data.

All you need to do is deposit €250 into your Today Profit account to start trading. These funds are routed directly to approved brokers to place orders on behalf of the client.

First you need to set your preferred trading parameters. The software then scans for signals and indicators, performs fundamental and technical analysis, opens and closes trades. No human intervention is required.