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Bit2Me and Mastercard Launch Debit Card with 9% Crypto Cashback

• Bit2Me and Mastercard have launched a new debit card that offers up to 9% crypto cashback for all purchases.
• The new card works via the Mastercard network, supporting 8 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Ripple.
• This is part of the growing trend of merging Web2 and Web3 technologies to increase adoption of this revolutionary technology.

Bit2Me and Mastercard Launch Debit Card with Crypto Cashback

Bit2Me, the largest Spanish cryptocurrency exchange, has announced their new cashback debit card in partnership with Mastercard on Feb 10th. This update offers users up to 9% crypto cashback for all purchases made with the card online or in-store. The card and wallet support eight cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC $21,789 , Ethereum ETH $1,532 , Cardano ADA $0.365 , Ripple XRP $0.38 , Solana SOL $21 and Polkadot DOT $6.24 , along with the stablecoin Tether USDT $1.00 .

How It Works

The original Bit2Me card works for its users via the Mastercard network which hosts millions of businesses worldwide. Utilizing already known Web 2 financial tools such as debit and credit cards comes with the hope of greater adoption of this “revolutionary” technology by users from anywhere in the world at just a tap of a button.

Leif Ferreira’s Comments

Leif Ferreira, CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me commented on this merger: “The goal is that any user from anywhere in the world has easy access to the limitless world of Web3 financial services at just a touch of a button.“

Crypto Industry Developments

 This is part of an increasing trend where industry leaders are merging Web 2 financial products like debit cards into Web 3 technologies like blockchain to help encourage more people into using digital currency payments across platforms.. The convenience offered by these products makes it easier than ever before for consumers to pay using cryptocurrency without having to convert it first into fiat currencies or dollars etc., thus helping bridge mainstream finance markets with crypto markets even further..

NFT Opportunity

 In addition to its use case as a payment device, customers can also collect this article as an NFT if they wish – marking it as their own piece of history!