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Aussie Victims of Crypto Scam Network Revealed

• Australians were identified as the top targets of a cryptocurrency investment scam network run by Israel-based crime bosses.
• Evidence from raids of four Serbian call centers and 11 residences uncovered $1.46 million in cryptocurrencies, with fifteen people arrested.
• Private investigations firms stated that Australians were particularly sought after for their wealth and poor investigative efforts by authorities.

Cryptocurrency Scam Network Targets Australians

Evidence found that Australians were among the top countries targeted in a sophisticated cryptocurrency investment scam network, which has suspected kingpins in Israel. A full-scale raid of four Serbian call centers and 11 residences by Serbian, German, Bulgarian and Cypriot authorities resulted in fifteen arrests and $1.46 million in cryptocurrencies seized.

Why Were Australian Targets?

Private investigation firms told The Australian that Australians were particularly sought after by scammers because of their relative wealth and a purported history of weak investigative efforts by federal and state authorities. Mark Solomons, Senior Investigator at IFW Global, said that Australia’s wealth combined with lax enforcement created an ideal environment for international crime syndicates to exploit. He added that much of the stolen cryptocurrencies are being used to fund the scammer’s lavish lifestyles.

What Was Used to Lure Victims?

The scammers reportedly used advertisements on social media to lure victims into investing with promises of lucrative returns. Private investigations firms said many Australians are more likely to pursue online relationships if „the right buttons are pressed.“ They added that Australia and Canada vie for the top spot when it comes to vulnerable populations being taken advantage of through such schemes.

How Can I Protect Myself?

It is important for individuals to be wary when investing online or engaging in any type of financial transaction over the internet — especially if it seems too good to be true . To protect yourself from becoming a victim of this kind of scam, you should always research any business you’re considering dealing with before providing personal details or money . Additionally , you should look out for signs such as requests for payment via gift cards or Western Union transfers .


Australians have been identified as primary targets in a cryptocurrency investment scam network run by Israel-based crime bosses — underscoring the importance of taking precautions when engaging in financial transactions over the internet. Through increased awareness and diligence , individuals can reduce their risk of falling victim to these scams .